at work, I had to generate some simple charts that something should look better then Goolgle chart.
so I found nice library called Funsion chart free. it’s free to use for any purpose.
It has simple library for ruby on rails. but it wasn’t comfortable and it’s not even gem.
so I have created a gem for this.

first you need to put this in your gemfile

gem 'easyfsf'

then you also need to do some command work.

bundle install
rails g easyfsf

so you can use new helper method


here are some examples

<%= render_sm_chart("a", "Pie2D", ['a','b','c'], [1,2,3]) %>

<%= render_sm_chart("b", "Column3D", ['a','b','c'], [{:seriesName => "se1", :color => "FF0000",:value_list => [1,2,3]}, {:seriesName => "se2", :color => "F660AB", :value_list => [3,4,5]}]) %>


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